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Databases available: -


Various e-book titles in the field of general matters from leading publisher. There are 4,476 e-book titles, 140 audio book titles and 98 e-book titles + audio books.

Download the Libby app, by Overdrive from iTunes store (for iPhone / iPad / Apple device users) or Google Play Store (for Android based smartphones / tablets / devices)

To access using any one of the Library Card Number provided (from eb001 to eb999 or from pnm001 to pnm999)


The eLaw databases are databases that are specific in the legal field.

It provides information on:

1. Legal cases (Syariah-related cases, Industrial Court Awards and cases under federal law)
2. Municipal law
3. Glossary / legal dictionary (legal dictionary)
4. Statutory interpretations
5. Register of translations of legal terms (English-Malay-English)
6. Rules of practice practice (practice notes)

Username = pnmuser01 / Password = pnmuser01
Username = pnmuser02 / Password = pnmuser02

Emerald Backfiles Archives

Global database services that provide access to high quality management and engineering journal articles in the year of publication are in 2006 - 2010 only.


A global database that provides access to high quality research journal articles and there are 201 journal titles in management and engineering fields.


Collection of the Malaysian Acts as reference to Malaysian legislation.

1.  Act Of Parliament (Act Of Parliment)
2.  Pricipal Acts (Original)
3.  Amendments Act (Amendment Acts)
4.  Ordinances, Bill Supplement
5.  Update Rules & Regulations, Legislative Supplement (A & B)
6.  Federal Constitution
7.  Criminal Procedure Code
8.  Penal Code (Penal Code)
9.  National Land Code (National Land Code)
10.Rules of Court (Rules of Court)
11.Court Forms
12.General Orders
13.Treasury instructions

Username = ulibrary01 / Password = ulibrary01
Username = ulibrary02 / Password = ulibrary02



Information Portal research information and access to important news and information in Malaysia.

4,768,880 local news articles and 279,227 international news
9,162 biographies / profiles of figures in Malaysia
9,712 full text of speech, relevant facts and statistics

Usename mylib10/ password mylib10 (hingga mylib20)

iG Library

429 e-book titles in economics, politics and social sciences from Institute of Southeast Asia Studies (ISEAS) collection and 249 e-book titles published by the American Library Association (ALA).

Usename : pnm / password : pnm@nlom ]


ELIB (e-sentral)

3,900 titles of local e-books from various areas of matter and from local publishers cover areas of religion, language, autobiography and biography, home decor, crime and many more.

First time users need to register on Penang eLib portal, check email and active account.


This database contains 252 best practice reference documents and performance measurements to help organizations find information on best practices and benchmarks. This database was developed by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)

First time users need to register a personal account on the BOND Portal to get access.


The world's leading provider of information and news resources on Islamic finance.

Access to 70,000+ articles and exclusive reports on Islamic financial news;
1. 50 issues of Islamic financial news weekly on a yearly basis.
2. IFN Reports (IFN annual reports and additional outbound reports) every year.
3. 52 weeks of unlimited access to the Islamic financial news website every year.
4. Access to the IFN directory with more than 7,000 Islamic financial institutions.
5. Access to Islamic funds, indices and exclusive performance data
6. Access to glossary / glossary of Islamic finance
7. Access to exclusive financial news through a 360-degree search engine.
8. New section: Global Sharia announcement

Click on the ADVANCED button to start the search



EBSCO Information Services (EBSCOHost) is the largest database that provides access to e-books, articles from thousands of e-journals and various sources of information from more than 100 sub-databases. Besides doing the search and download the journal article, users also can access as many as 5,277 e-book titles in various subjects, including the arts, business, economics, education, marketing, social science, medicine and others. EBSCOHost is among the popular database in the world, and has been widely used in most libraries and the business community for more than 60 years.

Access Level: Nationwiide Access (for registered u-Pustaka members only). Please click on the logo or the link of EBSCO Premier Public Library Package as mentioned above, to start your direct access.

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PressReader database provides instant access to over 2,446 world-leading e-newspaper and 3,915e-magazine titles, from over 152 countries in 56 languages in full-text format and digital replicas. For the contents of Malaysian newspapers, there are 12 major newspapers you can access, The Borneo Post, China Press, Nanyang Siang Pau, Borneo Post, The Star & Star 2, Oriental Daily News, The Borneo Post, The Wall Street Journal Asia, The Sun and The Malaysian Reserve. You can also access various local e-magazine titles including Women Health (Malaysia), Female (Malaysia), Male Magazine, Men's Health, Glam and others.

[ Access Level: Nationwide access. If you're accessing this database remotely from outside premises of PNM, please login from u-Pustaka and then, click the PressReader logo or link to start your direct access (via EZ Proxy). If you're accessing this database within PNM premises, please click HERE to start your direct access. Please make sure that your computer / mobile devices is connected to PNM / Perlis State Library's Wifi or LAN before starting your access to this database. PressReader is also easier to access by using the PressReader mobile apps which can be downloaded/installed to your smartphone/tablet from Google PlayStore / iTunes Store ]. Before using the mobile apps of PressReader, please make sure that your smartphone/tab are connected to PNM/Perlis State Library's Wifi.

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ZINIO (RBdigital)

Zinio is an online database which provides access to 100 titles of e-magazine (foreign publications) that can be downloaded permanently by the user to the computer or smartphone/tablet. There is no limits in terms of no. of titles/issues for downloading and also there is no limits in terms of the period of for reading/checkout. The content of e-magazine covering various subjects, such as Generalities, Arts & Photo, Automotive, Business, Children, Computer, Craft, Parenting and so on. Among the popular titles of e-magazines available that you can read : Newsweek, Reader's Digest, Digital Photo, Top Gear, CHIP, PC Magazine, Popular Science, New Scientist, Astronomy, Popular Mechanics, Discover, Outdoor Photographer and much more. You can browse the titles of e-magazine by genre and language.

[Access Level: Nationwide access. For first time users, please register at the RBdigital Portal to be a member by clicking the Create New Account link. Once registered, users will be able to download/read any e-magazine issue provided in Zinio. Registered users need to log in at the portal in order to download/access/read the e-magazines available . For better understanding, please read the guide as provided in the portal.Click on the logo to start your access. (web version). After registration, you can simply log in and read your selected e-magazines titles by using your own smartphone/tablet through the mobile apps - RBdigital which can be downloaded from Google Play Store (for Android) or iTunes Store.(for iOS - Apple devices ) .

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Mason Crest


Mason Crest E-Books contain as many as 490 titles of e-books, fiction and nonfiction books, selected contemporary scientific ebooks which cover areas such as biography, sports, medicine, family, health, nutrition, and financial careers, current issues and so- other. All e-books available are issued abroad and in the `flipping e-book' format with the full text display of contents . It is suitable for reading by children, adolescents and adults from the age of 10 years and above. An easy to use search engines based on keywords (keyword search) is provided to the readers, as well as other features such as bookmark function, copy & paste facility and full-screen display.

[Access Level: Nationwide access. Click on the Mason Crest logo/link to start your direct access (access via EZ proxy). For alternative access, please click HERE and then enter by using this login/password - Login : pnmuser / Password: mcrest2016 ]

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OokBee Buffet

OOKBEE BUFFET : All-You-Can-Read

Ookbee Buffet provides access to more than 2,000 digital reading materials including newspapers, magazines, novels and books from more than 15 top local publishers such as Karangkraf, Nanyang Siang Pau, News Straits Times, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP), Fixi, Gempak Starz, PTS, dan Utusan Karya. You can also get access to unlimited Disney Collections from Ookbee Buffet. PNM's Ookbee Buffet collections can only be accessed via Ookbee Buffet mobile app. View Ookbee video promo :- Video 1 | Video 2 .

[ Access Level / Access Guide: Nationwide Access, for u-Pustaka registered members only. For first time users of Ookbee, please click the Ookbee logo/link to start your access and activate your usage for Ookbee, at Corporate Ookbee portal. Kindly enter your e-mail (that you use when you register as a u-Pustaka member) and then click "Aktifkan" button. Fill in your profile details as shown on the Register screen and then click the Register button.You will then, automatically received an e-mail from Ookbee asking to click the link for activation (just press the button "Klik Sini" on the image link given by Ookbee). After successfully activated your Ookbee account, please do the search and install the Ookbee Buffet mobile apps from iTunes Store (for iPhone / iPad / Apple device users) OR from Play Store (for Android devices). After install successfully, run your Ookbee Buffet app. From Ookbee Buffet app, just login by using your own e-mail address (when you register as a u-Pustaka member) and your own u-Pustaka password. Then, you will be able to access, download and read all digital collections available from our Ookbee Buffet .]

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Variety of e-book titles in the general field from leading publishers around the world is available for you to access online. Please make sure that your web browser supports the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (required when reading the e-books online).You can also access to ALKEM DIGITAL LIBRARY via tablets/smartphone (using the web browser that supports Adobe Flash Player).

[ Access Level: Nationwide Access (Perpetual Subscription - 3,200 titles of e-Books and 50 videos). Access is only given to registered u-Pustaka members only. Click on the Alkem Digital Library logo above to start your direct access (via EZ Proxy) . Alternatively, you can also access by clicking HERE .. Then, please enter the login/sign in by using any one of the username provided (from the range of PNM001 to PNM100 - when requested by the Alkem portal. Your password that you need to use is the same with your selected Login. (Eg: If you use PNM082 as your login, your password shall be : PNM082. And so do the rest ).

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Kids A-Z 

KIDS A-Z (Raz Kids)

Kids A-Z is an online e-learning portal/application developed by Learning A-Z that is easy to use, specifically for children and primary school students. Through this portal, students can access over 4,000 titles of e-books and audio books (fiction and non-fiction) as well as more than 50,000 interactive learning content and activities. The portal also allows users to listen to audiobooks, read e-books, learn to read quickly or to record their reading performance easily. Kids A-Z is also very easy to use, using your own tablet / smartphone. You just need to install and launch the mobile app called Kids A-Z which is available from the App Store (For iPhone / iPad / Apple devices) OR the Google Play Store (For smartphones / tablets / Android-based devices) .]

[Access Level: Access is within PNM and all 13 State Libraries premises only. Please click on the Kids A-Z logo / link to start access (web portal version). If you are using a tablet / smartphone, please install and launch the Kids A-Z mobile app. Please enter any one of the following Teacher Username options as required by the system: upustaka001 to upustaka003 OR pnm001 to pnm002 . Click the Go button. At the next page, students will need to select and click on any of the desired student name icons (Student Username). The next page will ask the student to enter the Student Password . For your information, Student Password is the same as the Student Usename you selected. [Example: If you have selected upustaka003s23 as a Student Username, then your Student Password is upustaka003s23]. Click the Go button. Go to the Reading menu >> Reading Room to read e-books or listen to audio books (fiction / non-fiction) OR Go to the Science menu >> Library, to read e-books / audio books (in Science subject). Please logout from the portal/app system after using this database.

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FullAMark is an interactive e-learning portal developed by Media Prima Berhad, to support the learning process at home. It provides training and review questions on a variety of subjects taught in schools that meet the latest examination format, Ministry of Education Malaysia. It emphasizes on the examination questions for Year 5 (4 subjects), Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR - 4 subjects), Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3 - 6 subjects) and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM - 4 subjects). In addition to accessing interactive e-learning content, students can also communicate live with experienced e-Tutors, share ideas and thoughts with peers, and also accessing BH newspaper pullouts - DIDIK, MINDA and SKOR on this portal. You can also find out the latest buzz news in the country's education sector through this portal.
Access Guide:

(a) Standard 5 Module
User ID: Kindly select and use any from this range: From This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Password: pnm@2020.

(b) UPSR Module
User ID: Kindly select and use any from this range from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Password) : pnm@2020.

(c) PT3 Module
User ID : Kindly select and use any from this range from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Password: pnm@2020.

(d) SPM Module
User ID: Kindly select and use any from this range from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Password: pnm@2020.

[Access Level: Nationwide Access. Please click on the FullAMark logo or link to start your access. (web portal version).

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i-LEARN Ace is a 21st-century e-learning platform developed exclusively by Sasbadi Online. One of the unique features of i-LEARN Ace is the note function, also known as a note summary, consisting of 200,000 notes. i-LEARN Ace also features a set of 300,000 questions, kept in it's question bank which makes it easier for students to answer practice questions and access lesson notes either via online or offline. In addition to keeping up to 100% of its current Ministry of Education syllabus, i-LEARN Ace also provides three-way communication between parents, teachers and users because the platform is specially designed to help enhance users learning skills from Standard 1 - Form 5.

[Access Level: Nationwide Access. Please click on the i-Learn Ace logo or link to start your access. (web portal version). You can also get access to i-Learn Ace by using the i-Learn Ace mobile apps. Download and install i-Learn Ace mobile apps from Google Play Store (for Android users) OR App Store (for iPhone/iPad users) at your smartphone/tablet. To start your access, kindly log in by using the User ID and password as provided. ]

Access Guide :
a) UPSR Module
- User ID for students : Kindly select and use any from this range: From Pnmupsr01 to Pnmupsr100. Password for students is : 123456.
- User ID for parents : Pnmupsr. Password for parents is : 111111.

b) PT3 Module
- User ID for students : Kindly select and use any from this range: From Pnmpt301 to Pnmpt3100. Password for students is: 123456.
- User ID for parents : Pnmpt3. Password for parents is : 111111.

c) SPM Module
- User ID for students : Kindly select and use any from this range: From Pnmspm01 to Pnmspm100. Password for students is : 123456.
- User ID for parents: Pnmspm. Password for parents is: 111111.

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CodeMonkey is a fun educational game where students learn to code in real programming language, Develop your kids' skill set by preparing them for the future !. Learning how to create code not only teaches children how to solve problems with IT, but actually helps cultivate creativity, logic, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied in their professional and personal lives, now and in the future.

Access Level: Nationwide Access (for u-Pustaka registered users only). Please click on the CodeMonkey logo / link for direct access. Please send us an email to get an E-Certificate and get more challenges


J-GATE is a database consisting of Basic Science, Social Sciences & Management, Engineering & Technology and Art & Humanities Packages. The database includes 9,000+ Journals (20 million articles) Basic Science Collection, 12,000+ Journals (10 million articles) Social Science & Management Collection, 10,000+ Journals (11 million articles) on Engineering & Technology Collection AND 8,000+ Journals (7 million articles ) on Art & Humanities Collection. In total, J-Gate brings you around 35,000 Journals for your research and study needs.

Access Level: Nationwide (for u-Pustaka registered users only. Please click on the logo for direct access.

For external access from PNM premises, please use username: pnmuser / Password: pnmuser652848824

Me Books App Logos without Tagline 06

Me Books

Discover a wonderland of children's books with built-in & customisable audio. With over 400 children's books from Oxford University Press, ELI Publishing (Italia), WickWick (Finland), Penguin and Andersen Press. Listen to narrations from world-renowned figures now, and enjoy the ability to record your own voice!

Recommended for children aged 2-9

Access Level:Nationwide (for registered u-Pustaka members only). Please click on the logo to start your direct access.

Me Books also can be access by downloading Me Books application to your own tablet/smartphone. Here is the link to download Me Books apps for IOS iTunes Store (For iPhone/iPad/Apple devices) OR Google Play Store (For Android devices) .

Access Guide :
Step 1 : Click Me Books Logo
Step 2 : Click Register Here
Step 3 : Enter your details
Step 4 : Enter gift code (between PNMMB00001 to PNMMB50000). Please choose another gift code if the gift code already use by other user.
Step 5 : Return to to log in your newly registered account

* Any further inquiries may call 04-3902387 (Mrs. Kalaivehni)

Virtual Bookshelf


Virtual bookshelves for children's reading, the books in the shelves can be opened just like you read a real story book.

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