"Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP"


"Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP" is a concept when all donations received but not suitable to be used as a collection of collecting libraries will be placed in one place. Hence, these materials whose physical condition is still good with the information that remains relevant is used by all users of the library without limitation. The project has begun in mid-2018. The existence of this Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP provides an opportunity for users to put any collection of books (magazines, media, media materials) to share with other users. Additionally, it also allows users to collect the collection they like and replace it by putting whatever collection is relevant and remaining relevant to be taken or shared by other users.

In realizing the idea of ​​"Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP" this guardhouse building out of the building is identified and modified to be the hub of "Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP". This is to make it easier for users to access the hub in view of its strategic location (in front of the main door).

The "Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP" Hub has received substantial contributions to the reading material and also has a positive impact among consumers despite its new setting. Therefore, the "Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP" goal is to enable information to be shared and disseminated to the benefit of all societies and to enjoy the various collections without having to spend extra money and save space at home successfully realized.


1. You need to contribute the appropriate reading material and remain relevant to other users.
2. PPAPP is not responsible for the loss or damage of your donation materials.
3. All contributed materials are fully owned by PPAPP and can not be reclaimed.
4. The amount of material and loan term is not limited.
5. You are required to ensure that the used materials are restored on the shelves neatly.
6. Cleanliness of reading space "Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP" is a shared responsibility.

More details you can contact us at: -

Knowledge Exchange @ PPAPP
Penang Public Library Corporation
JKR 2118, Jalan Perpustakaan,
Seberang Jaya,
13700 Perai,
Pulau Pinang
No Tel : 04-3971058, 04-3902387 Faks : 04-3970226

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