All electronic storage and transmission of personal data will be protected and stored using appropriate security technology.

The latest technologies including data encryption are used to protect the data presented and adherence to strict security standards is used to prevent unauthorized access.


Your privacy

This page describes the privacy policy that covers the use and protection of information submitted by visitors. If you make a transaction or send an email containing personal information, this information may be shared with other public agencies to help provide a more effective and effective service. Examples include resolving complaints that require feedback from other agencies.

Information Collected

No personal information will be collected while you are browsing this site except for information provided by you by email.

What Happens If I Link to Another Website?

This site has links to other sites. This privacy policy only applies to this site. Keep in mind that the websites included in the links may have different privacy policies and that visitors are advised to review and understand the privacy policies of each site they visit.

Policy Amendment

When this privacy policy is amended, the amendments will be updated on this page. By regularly browsing this page, you will be updated with the information collected, how it is used and in some cases, how the information is shared with others.

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