You are not permitted: -

- Speak loudly so that harass other users.

- Eat, drink, smoke, spit or sleep in dalamperpustakaan.

- Tearing and damaging substances and any equipment library.

- To order or transfer the materials or equipment such as books, desks and other from one side to the other.

You are also allowed to bring in: -

- Beg, files, notes bound, books, magazines and newspapers are private.

- The jacket and helmet.

- Scissors and knives.

- Tapes, floppy disks, CD and the camera or video camera.

- Pets.

- Walkman or any other music gadgets.

You are advised to ...

- Always well dressed and polite and not flashy.

- Using materials carefully because the materials are found to be damaged after use should be paid compensation according to replacement price.

The Corporation reserves the right ... ..

- Canceling the membership of a discretion.

- Banish users who do not comply with the rules of the library.