Mention only the name of the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee, was pictured in the mind of an individual who is very special and so close to the community. He is the only human art in this country called the Supreme Artist, the results of his work through film and music is never outdated. What is even more impressive, throughout his life called human art, Penang-born has been published with 66 films and produced a total of 360 songs. The highlight is the culmination of his artistic career when he was promoted as a film director Towing Beca while also holding the main character. In recognition of his success in the arts, the Penang Public Library Corporation took the initiative to create a gallery to commemorate and give recognition to Tan Sri P. Ramlee's own way

WHY P. Ramlee Gallery ESTABLISHED?

Recognizing that P. Ramlee is a legend and a great artist who hails from Penang and is a successful art icon shape the world wide entertainment scene including singing, acting, compositions and other irreplaceable after its descriptions. Hence it is the responsibility of the Penang Public Library Corporation to create a gallery that display various aspects that have been touched by the late. The gallery can be used as a reference of thought and history of struggle to uphold the country industry.

P. Ramlee Gallery @ PPAPP

P. Ramlee Gallery in Penang Public Library Corporation is a scan of the historical society to return to the golden era of movie Single Mother in-laws, Do Re Mi, Sergeant Hassan, Towing Beca and the songs are never tired of my appeal to be heard as well as Do not Stay Hear Me , P. Ramlee Gallery in Penang Public Library Corporation provides an opportunity for visitors to watch and hear the strains of the song as well as a collection of her acting. Artifacts such as a bicycle, guitar, ball sport, gate, typewriters, violin and other props used in the films included in the exhibition


Penang Public Library Corporation,

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13700 Perai,
Pulau Pinang
Tel No. : 04-3971058

Opening Hours :
Tuesday – Sunday
10.00 pagi – 6.00 petang

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