Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera wbt

Welcome to the Website of the Penang Public Library Corporation, hopefully this website will become a medium of communication and delivery of information to a variety of programs and the latest information PPAPP to the public. In addition, the website will also open PPAPP to the world and citizens of the world can recognize PPAPP closer.

Indeed, PPAPP has been established for nearly 200 years. thereby, PPAPP and also library and field keperpustakawanan world is undergoing rapid transformation along with information and communications technology (ICT). Therefore, PPAPP through the rebranding process has been trying to improve service to customers. As a result most of the services provided by PPAPP today can be accessed through the website provided.

Apart from the official website PPAPP, I am pleased that there are also other social media applications that can connect directly with the public PPAPP such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and Instagram

In this regard, let us together move forward to continue the struggle in particular knowledge without borders and maintain the momentum of this excellence. Finally, I hope that the services and information displayed by PPAPP can be beneficial to all visitors of this website.

Thank you

"Membaca Membina Ketamadunan Bangsa"

Sharimah Binti Salleh
Penang Public Library Corporation


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